Bohemian grove


The Bohemian Club owns BOHEMIAN GROVE, a 2700 acre property located north of San Francisco. Bohemian Grove is the location of elite pedophile parties attended by international male politicians and businessmen. Both places feature images of the pagan god Molech which is depicted as an owl.
Hunting, raping and killing children for sport is a common feature of elite pedophile gatherings. Alleged attendees at European pedophile hunts include King Albert of Belgium, Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard, Prince Johan Friso of Holland and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit.

BohemianGrove become educated about the grove, where unthinkable acts of live child sacrifices and child hunting games through the forests take place! An exclusive Homo, druggin, males orgy club for the elites- DC &world politicians, celebs, royals, kings, bankers

@MiniBabyWhale @myheroicdose @lifttheveil411 I’d imagine that’s where the Hunger Games writer got their inspiration from – the Luciferian pedo hunts. Bohemian club is exactly that, a human hunting club. Stems from European hunting club.

Bohemian Grove, Pedo Hunting Parties and Rent Boy Ranch

@ittbbb @Candacesj8 @AsYouWere5 @frmalachi @moneyhoneyhome1 @SaRaAshcraft @daddysdarla @connectedtomyc1 @Apri1nParis @CabalPunisher @NeecieH6111 @MicheleATittler @RealityStatue @Char74able @LaraC1254 @cronsell @BriEaves1168 @ineyeofthestorm @POTUS Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino.

Openly practicing Satanist, along with his wife, and creator of the psyop. He was Sara’s father’s mentor I believe (Temple of SET).

Grove Testimony


Roman Catholic masses are regularly held at the Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Grove’s patron saint is a Roman Catholic figure.


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